How to Create a Quiz with Excel

Normally the computerized quiz in a simple form would be like questions on one column, answers on the other column. And when the right answers are put down, the scores would appear automatically. With excel, this kind of quiz could be easily created.

First, open a blank sheet in excel. You need 4 columns to make a quiz with excel: column A for questions, column B for answers, column C for right or wrong and column D for scores.

Second, think up all the questions and answers. Then type the questions in column A, one by one from the top down.

Third, leave column B blank for typing the corresponding answers in the corresponding cells later.

Fourth, write the formula into column C to make the scores pop up automatically. Type the following into column C: =IF(B1=”", “”, IF(B1=”answer”, “Right”, “Wrong”)), Replace “answer” with the correct answer to your question. And B1 should be B2, B3…since you scroll down the column. Then if you put the correct answer into column B, “Right” appears accordingly. If you put an incorrect answer, “Wrong” appears accordingly. Look at the sample pictures below:

 How to Create a Quiz with Excel

 How to Create a Quiz with Excel

Fifth, if you want to score the answer, use column D. The formula which should be put into column D is: =IF(C1=”Right”, 1, 0). Remember to advance the number when you scroll down the column.

 How to Create a Quiz with Excel

Until now, a simple quiz made with excel has the shape. If you want to display the total score, you should do one more thing. Suppose that you write ten questions from A1 to A10, then you need to type the following into D11: =SUM(D1:D10).

 How to Create a Quiz with Excel

 How to Create a Quiz with Excel

All above are some basic skills to create a quiz with Excel. And it would be more complicated when it comes to make multiple choices quiz with excel, make a math quiz with excel, or to set access ability to the quiz with excel. Do you believe that you could create an excel quiz without Microsoft Excel? Actually there’s some software which could easily create a quiz and then export it to excel, such as Wondershare QuizCreator.

Wondershare QuizCreator has 9 question types, they are all much easier to create a quiz than create a quiz with excel. You don’t need to write any formula or pay attention to the cell number but just to fill the required space with the quiz material you have prepared. And after you finish making the quiz, all you need to do is click the button of “Publish”, and choose publish to excel.

So you see that creating a quiz with excel is not so complicated, especially when you have the multifunctional QuizCreator. Now you could set out to make a computerized excel quiz and inspire your students!

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