3 Ways to Make a Flash quiz

We will see varieties of quizzes online while surfing the Web every day. These quizzes are plain text quizzes, JavaScript quizzes or interactive Flash quizzes. Flash quizzes are matter-of-course the most attractive quizzes to fresh your eyes no matter from its multimedia or interactivity. Now, this article will show you three ways to make an interactive Flash quiz.

Make a Flash quiz with Flash quiz maker

Making quiz with Flash quiz maker is the best way to make a quiz whether from the aspects of easy-to-use or functions. No programing skills required. About functions, Flash quiz maker also supports up to 10 question types. Not only could you set personalized feedbacks and time to each questions and quiz, you also could shuffle and randomize questions and answers. Furthermore, you could create Flash-based quizzes with multimedia elements, such as images, sounds, narrations, Flash movies and so on.  Take QuizCreator for example, you also could track the quiz results without hassles via its free quiz result tracking system.

Make a Flash quiz with Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is naturally the preferred tool to make Flash quizzes. If you have a good command of scripts, you could make a professional multimedia Flash quiz in minutes. If you don’t understand scripts, here are two ways for you.

  1. Make a Flash quiz with Adobe Flash quiz template
    Adobe Flash MX or higher version includes quiz templates to allow users create Flash quiz with 6 interaction types: True/Flase, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop, Hot Spot and Hot Object. Each template has a different graphical look and feel.  You could create a professional Flash quiz with it easily. Click to view the tutorial about how to create Flash quiz with quiz templates.
    For detailed instructions on how to edit the quiz template to your requirements, learn the official Flash quiz template tutorial at http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/applications/quiz_tutorial/
  2. Create a Flash quiz with ready-made tutorial
    There are many Flash quiz related tutorials on Web, just google “Flash quiz tutorial” you will get more detailed tutorials, such as:
  3. Make a Flash quiz with Scripts
    If you are good at Scripts, using Scripts to create Flash quizzes would be the most ideal way. This way of making quizzes is flexible, you can generate lots of different quiz in different style. Click to view how to create interactive multiple-choice Flash quiz in Adobe Flash CS4.

Make a Flash quiz with screen recorder

Using screen recorder to create interactive Flash quiz or game is an easy way. Many outstanding screen recorders have the quiz creation feature, such as Adobe Captivate and Camtasia. Although such tool is a little higher in price, they are good software for making quiz if you have both tools at hand. In compare, Adobe Captivate is more powerful in creating quiz. It contains advanced quizzing functionality that makes it easy to create your own robust quizzes and assessments with 6 question types.

If you want to use quizzes for assessment, you could use Flash quiz maker to create test for your learner, it will save you a lot of time, and such quiz tools are usually SCORM compliant supported. If you want to create quiz for fun, you could spend much time in learning Adobe Flash to make quizzes. If you have Adobe Captivate or Tech Smith, you could try to use it to make quizzes, it’s amazing!

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  2. blue_php says:

    Hi does anyone know how to create a flash quiz……that stores the results in a php database ???
    in Flash cs3 Action Script 3….many regards

  3. admin says:

    Wondershare Quiz Management is a PHP system which is specially designed to track and store the results of Flash quiz. You may take QMS to have a try.

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