How to Create a Printable Quiz

After finishing an online quiz, you may want to print it and review it when you’re not beside a computer. And most of the times, in order to prevent cheating, an online quiz would have random questions, so it would be very hard for you to find the quiz you did last time. In this situation, you may also want to print the quizzes so you could easily review them whenever you want.

Now here comes the question: how could we create a printable quiz? I believe all of you know how to print a “made by word” quiz because it’s just like printing an article or so. However now we are talking about online quiz. So I will show you how to create printable online quiz with Wondershare QuizCreator.

After you launch Wondershare QuizCreator, pitch on Create a new quiz. Then choose a question type you want from the 9 question types. Remember some question types are not so suitable to be printed, such as the “click map” question.

Choose a right type and edit your question. You need to publish the quiz to web in order to print it. Open the published quiz. You could see a small print button in top-left where the print button is.

 How to Create a Printable Quiz

When you are answering the quiz question, you click “print” then current page will be print out. When you have finished the whole quiz, you click “print” and could have the whole quiz printed out. So when you come cross a question you are not so sure about, you could print it out and do some research later. Also, when you get low score of a quiz, you could print out the whole quiz and try to find out why your performance is not so good.

Another way is that you can publish your quiz as a Word/Excel file, so you can print it for paper-based testing. This feature is also included in Wondershare QuizCreator.

And as a quiz maker, if you want to turn your online quiz to paper test, you could also manage it with Wondershare QuizCreator. In order to create a printed quiz, you should first publish your quiz to word. Then you could print out your quiz in word.

Now you see Wondershare QuizCreator is a wonderful tool to create printable quizzes. In the end I have this little tip for teachers. Be careful with the possibility that your students may print out the questions to cheat in exams. So now you see the reason why we always say that a coin has two sides.

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  1. Now you see Wondershare QuizCreator is a wonderful tool to create printable quizzes. – but you need to be extra careful when publishing because it is easy for the students to get a hold of a copy of your tests

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