Encouragement Online: Create Certificates for Test-takers

After the test takers have passed an exam, they get their scores and they want something more to prove their achievement. Normally they would be given a certificate paper. And what should the teachers do for on-line test? Can they create certificates for online test-takers? In fact, many online quiz creators or quiz creation software allow test makers to create certificates for test-takers. Following I will introduce several different tools that can generate certificate for you.

***Wondershare QuizCreator Online Creates Customized Certificate for Test-takers****

Many quiz making tools have the function to create certificates for test-takers. Wondershare QuizCreator Online is one of the professional quiz creating tool, which includes a function to allow quiz makers to generate a customized certificate. After you sign in to QuizCreator Online, click “certificate”, then “create certificate template”.

There are five public templates which you could select from. In these public templates, you could adjust the position of different plates. You could delete some plates or add some plates, anything you want. The bracketed fields will be automatically filled in after the quiz takers complete the quiz.

 Encouragement Online: Create Certificates for Test takers

Also you could choose none from the public templates. You could upload an image from your computer to be the background of your certificate. And you could set all the elements on the certificate by yourself. It’s more like a certificate editor than just a generator. And after you get the certificate ready, click “preview and publish”.

 Encouragement Online: Create Certificates for Test takers

After the test-takers received the certificate, they could save it in their computer or they could print it. It would be good if you take a online quiz and get a paper certificate.

***ProProfs Automatically Generates Certificate for Quiz Takers***

Certificate of ProProfs is quite simple and you need to do nothing to set the template. When a test-taker has completed a quiz, a certificate would be generated automatically if he or she passed.

 Encouragement Online: Create Certificates for Test takers

The name of the test-taker, the score and the title of the quiz would be filled in the reserved fields. However the system can’t automatically distinguish if the test-taker has passed or not, which means it will also generate certificates for those who fail.

***Some Certificate Generators Online Create Certificate for Test-takers***

Besides the attached certificate generators the quiz makers have, there’re some separate certificate generators online the quiz makers could make use of. Such as this online generator: http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/certificates/. It’s easy to use. All you need to do is fill in the information and click the generating button. You could email the test-takers the generated certificates.

So here are some of my recommendations about creating certificates for test-takers. Of course you need to choose the right certificate generator with the consideration of the quiz creator. The most important thing is you need to give the test-takers encouragement and give them a feeling of accomplishment.

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