Making Multiple Choice Quizzes Efficiently with Quiz Makers

Multiple choice is a form of assessment in which test-takers are supposed to select the “best” answer/answers among a set of options. It plays an important role in educational testing and could be the most widely used question type on examinations nowadays.

There are many advantages to multiple choice quiz. If item writers are well trained and items are quality assured, it can be a very effective assessment technique. As multiple choice quiz is a good assessment tool, there are many strategies for writing multiple-choice test items online to test makers; “How to take a multiple choice test successfully” is also a hot discussion all the time to test-takers. Here, I will discuss the utilization of quiz makers to assist educators to make multiple choice quiz efficiently.

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Why multiple choice quiz maker? In traditional paper-based test, making a different test on the same topic for each of your classes is impossible unless you retype everything again, LOL. At the same time, randomize the order of the questions and options is time-wasting and trivial, especially when the quiz includes many questions. There are many limitations with manual paper-based test. However, with multiple choice quiz maker you can do all these tasks very easily. It is wise to have such multiple choice quiz makers at your fingertips.

Which quiz maker fits you best? No definite answers. It depends on test’s form and specified features you required. When we refer to the quiz maker to create multiple choice test, there are two forms. One is online test, the other is printable paper test. It will be a good quiz maker for multiple choice if it supports both forms. Talking of specified features, shuffling questions and answers yet selecting question at random would be ideal to save time and low the cheating risk. Next, I will explain why these factors should be considered when you select the quiz maker to make multiple choice test.

Test created can be used for online testing

Online testing is necessary for implementing eLearning, especially in this Web 2.0 era. It will lower much training expenditures in long term. You don’t have to cost so much time to mark examination papers, online testing makes marking automatic. So the ability to allow users to create a quiz for online testing is vital for choosing a quiz tool.

Test created can be generated to print for paper test

Online testing isn’t always effectual if there is no Internet available. Besides, online testing doesn’t do a good job for subjective item test. Many certification tests also adopt this test form(paper-based test). So, paper-based test feature should also be consider in test tool selection.

Randomize and shuffle questions and answers allowed

Reducing the chance of cheating and time is the obvious advantages for randomizing and shuffling questions and answers. For making paper test, you could make a different test on the same topic for each of your classes. It will be big time-saving. For online testing, shuffling choices out of question bank makes test different each time when one test-taker attempts the quiz. So this makes it a little harder for students to copy from each other, and this also makes the print impossible, a good way to reduce the chance of cheating.

In addition, reusability is another consideration when you pick out a multiple choice quiz maker. Therefore, when you want to select the right quiz maker from numerous quiz tools, you could take these above aspects into consideration. Of course, the most important element is  meeting your needs. This tutorial  will show you how to use QuizCreator to make multimedia multiple choice quizzes.

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