QMS: Track Quiz Results Free Online

Teachers need to manage the examination results after the students take the tests. In the old times, teachers would write down all the results on a table, and rank the orders manually. This would make the whole thing an unbearably heavy task when the number of the test-takers is huge. When Excel appears, the management of test results suddenly became much easier. All the teachers need to do is filingl in the students’ name and test scores, and write a formula, the grades would come out automatically. This is a living example of how technique changes our life.

Now we have this thing called eLearning. With eLearning technique, students will take tests online. Now how should the teachers manage test results online? There’re so many ways to do so and here I will talk about how to do it free.

You have a lot of choices to track the quiz results free online. It mainly based on which online quiz making tool you are using. Some online quiz making tools would provide their servers for free to store the quiz results. And some quiz making software would even provide management systems for free. Some systems are well-designed and functionally powerful. The QMS(Quiz Management System) from Wondershare QuizCreator is one of this kind.

QMS could help quiz makers track the results of quizzes made by Wndershare QuizCreator for free. When you get a QMS account, you are the administrator of all quizzes. You could administrate test makers and quiz takers by distribute accounts to them. Also, of course, you could publish the quizzes by yourself and take quizzes made by others.

After you sign in QMS, you will easily see your published quizzes and tested quizzes on homepage as well as in the quiz section.

In user section, you could click the “register” button to create a new user. This new user could be a publisher or a participant, and the users could be created as a group. A publisher is the one who make quizzes and a participant is the one who take quizzes. It’s like school, the headmaster is administrator, who has the highest authority. The teachers are quiz publishers and the students are participants who take quizzes. So now the administration could go as a real organization.

 QMS: Track Quiz Results Free Online

In report section, an administrator or a publisher could get results reports on users and on quizzes. Different roles see different layout in this section. All the reports would be quite detailed. You could even see the hoe many people choose the same wrong answers. This is quite useful for teachers to know the students’ control of the knowledge.

 QMS: Track Quiz Results Free Online

 QMS: Track Quiz Results Free Online

At last, you could make a very unique certificate to send to the qualified test-takers. The certificate editor of Wondershare QMS is functionally powerful. You could replace the background with any picture you want and set all the elements on the certificate by yourself (How to create certificate for test-takers). A well-designed certificate could be a big encouragement to the test-takers.

 QMS: Track Quiz Results Free Online

Here I only introduce you to use Wondershare QMS to track quiz results free online. Of course you may find out other free tools to track quiz results. The surprise is always waiting during your search process. The same applies to your exploring of QMS itself. Make the most use of a tool and you could become a eLearning expert one day or another.

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