8 Ways to Create Online Test

Online test brings a lot of benefits to assessment: time-saving, flexibility and economical. For test-takers, they can take the online test at their own preferred time – great flexibility. For trainers/teachers, it spares the time to mark the test because the test is graded automatically – big time-saving. For organizations, it saves a lot of cost to employ instructor designers and print millions of test papers – more economical.
As the times progress and society advances, online test will become more and more prevalent in the future assessment work. Thanks to companies develop tons of useful products for us to make online test, they plays an important role in improving productivity to a great online test. This article lists 8 ways to create online test.

Create online test with desktop Flash quiz maker
Desktop Flash quiz makers let users create Flash quizzes in minutes without programming skills. Uses can create Flash quizzes with up to 10 question types and then share quizzes online with ease. Additionally, you can integrate images, sounds and Flash animations into quizzes and set unique feedback to each questions as well as randomize questions and answers. Some quiz maker also supplies free quiz results tracking system, like QuizCreator. Users could track all the quiz results with email or free Quiz Management System. You could view the quiz below which is created by QuizCreator. 

Create online test with Google Docs
Google Docs is a totally free online tool to conduct online multiple choice test and surveys. With it, you can create a multiple choice test, invite others to take the test and then grade the test automatically with its formula. Furthermore, it can generate insightful graph analysis for each question with which you get know the extent of understanding for specified knowledge.
Guide to make online test with Google Docs
Guide to share the online test created by Google Docs
Guide to grade the Google Docs quiz automaticallly

Create online test with Adobe Flash
If you are sophisticated with Adobe Flash Script, using Adobe Flash to make test for online use is the most flexible way. You can create quiz in multiple question types and add images, sounds, Flash movies and videos to enrich your test. Here is a tutorial about how to create interactive multiple-choice quiz in Adobe Flash CS4, just view the quiz made by Adobe Flash below.

Create online test with Microsoft Excel
As we all know, Excel is a great program for creating spreadsheets and tracking information, but it is also useful for creating quizzes for online testing. Making question and answer quizzes is a good way to improve on your Excel skills while having a bit of fun. Just look this tutorial to create quiz with Excel.

Create online test with PHP Script or JavaScript
If you are familiar with PHP Script or JavaScript and HTML code, you could choose HTML code and script to create online quiz. Here are some tutorials to help you to make online test for your Web site or else.
Create quiz with PHP script, please have a peek at:
Create quiz with JavaScript, please have a peek at:

Create online test with online test creation software
There are numerous online test-building tools that can create quiz for online testing and grade less of a chore today. Do a Google search for “create online test free”, you will get much many free online quiz tools.
For my part, ProProfs is the most powerful for a free test creation tool. It is totally free program that is supported by ads, lots of ads. It is featured 3 question types. It has many options that control the behavior of your quiz. You can add multimedia objects such as video and image to your test.

proprof 8 Ways to Create Online Test

Create online test with screen recorder
Some screen recorders have the feature of quiz creation. As far as I know, Adobe Captivate and Tech Smith allow user to create Flash quizzes. Take Captivate for example, it contains advanced quizzing functionality that makes it easy to create your own robust quizzes and assessments with up to 6 question types.

captivate 8 Ways to Create Online Test

Create online test with Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development application. For website designers, you also can make an online test for your websites to attract more users by creating test with pop-up Feedback in Dreamweaver. Click to view the steps to create online test with Adobe Dreamweaver.

In summary, all these 8 ways are enough for you to create test for online use. For make interactive Flash test for online use, desktop quiz maker and Adobe Flash (if you are familiar with Script) are the most suitable. For creating simple test without multimedia, free online quiz creation tool or Google Docs will be nice for you. You also can use Adobe Captivate, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Excel or PHP Script to create online test if you like. You can choose the any of these methods to create your own online test, it’s your choice.

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  2. Ajeet says:

    This has been very helpful. It is the only page I found that explained all my test creation options lucidly. Thanks :)

  3. Ramon says:

    Very nice right up Admin. I am planning to open a website for the GMAT test takers. I will be getting approximately 2000+ test takers everyday.

    Can you help me out with what software/service should i go for.

  4. admin says:

    Hello, if you want to make a test and want to get the test results from each student, I suggest you use Proprofs quiz. Proprofs quiz is one of the quiz tool that lets you collect the test results.
    However, if you want to make GMAT test with some multimedia file(audio, video and flash), using Wondershare QuizCreator will be the best choice. Its quiz management system will generate the detail quiz results reports for you.

  5. Dawn says:

    Is there a software that will allow me to weight multiple choice answers?

  6. Dreamweaver has been lately my personal goto program for years. I really do not know what I would undoubtedly do without it. There were periods when I first started out making use of the program, and I thought it was way too complex. Now I fly around it, and it has grown to be a great asset in my personal tool box. Nonetheless thank you for the article.

  7. Boss says:

    Hi, I wanted to make Web based Online Exam software which is for 20000 + students daily. but some precaution should be taken in that like, they can’t copy it. time based, couldnot giving password to any one means safe & secure online exam software.
    Can you please guide me how can i make it or if you had something to give pls i’m very much thankful to you

  8. Zoho Challenge is a neat test generation application for teachers. Initially, we made this app with schools in mind but we’re glad that even businesses started adopting it for candidates screening.

    I urge you guys to check it out: http://challenge.zoho.com

    You don’t need any programming knowledge to start making tests!

    (Disclosure: I’m currently interning at Zoho)

  9. Nice post — thanks for sharing.

  10. You may consider http://www.skillrack.com. For small and medium sized companies there is a FREE account to schedule, manage and rank based on one or more exams. If you just want to create and share exams for fun (you may be a technical expert) then please check out http://skillrack.com/blog/index.php/2010/07/13/create-your-online-exams-and-share-for-free-test-takers-need-not-register/?trashed=1&ids=2

  11. Crangle says:

    this post is very similar with this article I came across – test maker software – cheers

  12. Pankaj says:

    I feel lot of limitations are there in ZOHO, classmarker etc. How can incorparate mathematical equations in multiple choics questions as well as in questions. How can I add drawing based questions ? I know I have to attach the images with the question. Is there any means these softwares interface with pdf or word document, so we can develop mathematical type of question.

    Please guide me if i am wrong…..

  13. admin says:

    Hi Pankaj,

    Wondershare QuizCreator helps you add mathematical equations in questions and choices. Maybe you could have a try. Learn more about it from: http://www.sameshow.com/quiz-creator.html

    Hope it helps!


  14. hi,pankaj i got important information on this site thanks.

  15. Emil Mews says:

    In any case, what remarkable web site and beneficial topics, I will put inbound connects – protect this idea web sites? Regards, User.

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