How to Make Quizzes in Moodle

Moodle is the best one of free course management system (CMS) which helps educators create effective online learning communities. The quiz module in Moodle offers an easy way for educators to make quizzes as a part of their online learning courses for effective practices.

There are three steps to making a quiz in Moodle. Just look at the following steps.

Step 1. Create Quiz and Adjust Settings

  1. Log on your Moodle site as usual.
  2. Click on the link of course name in which you want to create a quiz.
  3. In the upper right-hand corner of the front page of your course, click Turn Editing On.
  4. In the section where you want to make a quiz, click “Add an activity”, and select “Quiz” in the drop-down list.add quiz How to Make Quizzes in Moodle
  5. Give your quiz a name and add an introduction to your quiz.
  6. Select the date and times for the quiz to make it accessible by the students, and then click Save Changes.

Step 2. Create Questions

  1. Create a Category to store your questions in the database. Click Edit Category.add category How to Make Quizzes in Moodle
  2. Type in the name of the category and any category information in the Category Info field. Then click Add.edit category How to Make Quizzes in Moodle
  3. Choose the question type you want to create from the drop down menu called Create New Question. This will take you to the question form.
    add question How to Make Quizzes in MoodleThere are 10 question types you can create in Moodle: Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Numerical, True/False, Matching, Embedded Answers (Cloze), Random Short-Answer Matching, Description, Calculated, and Essay.
  4. Type in question name (it helps you find this question again when you need), question text (it means to ask the question you want others to answer) and some answers. For multiple choice questions, please identity the correct answer. You also can fill out feedback if you want students to have some additional information after they answer the question.question How to Make Quizzes in Moodle
  5. Click Save Changes and finish the work to add one question.
  6. Follow the steps to create other more questions.

Step 3. Put Questions into Quiz and Assign Points

  1. Click Edit to return to the Edit Quiz screen. Tick the boxes next to the question names which you want to add to quiz and then click Add to Quiz.question quiz How to Make Quizzes in Moodle
  2. Change the points in the grading boxes if you want them to be worth more than one point and then click Save Changes.

After these steps, a quiz is created. As the easiest way to create quizzes in Moodle quickly, Quiz module offers fundamental and flexible features to meet the practical requirements. Therefore, it may not support some advanced applications such as importing audio, customizing background or collecting results. For making multimedia interactive quizzes for your Moodle, you could use desktop quiz maker, such as Wondershare SCORM quiz software.

For other quiz creation question in Moodle, go to Moodle Quiz Module for more information.

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