Teacher Test Maker – Combine Online Assessment with Offline Assessment

Online assessment and offline assessment are the main forms of assessment right now. Each type of the two assessments has its own advantages and disavantages. However, we can combine these two types of assessment together by using teacher test maker software. Let’s start the journey by understanding these two assessments.

Online assessment

Online assessment is fairly popular. A lot of people learn and take tests online. This is a symbol of the Information Age.

online%20assessment Teacher Test Maker – Combine Online Assessment with Offline Assessment

Real example of using online assessment

Examples of using online assessment include state drivers’ license exams, military training exams, job application exams in the private sector, entrance exams in postsecondary eduction, and certification exams by professional groups.

Benefits of online assessment

There are many potential benefits and advantages associated with computer-based tests including immediate scoring and reporting and greater test security. Additional advantages include flexible test administration schedules, reduced costs compared to handling paper-based test materials, the use of multimedia item types, and the ability to measure response time.

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Offline assessment

A computer-based test involves either keyboarding skills or the manipulation of electronic mouse devices, both of which operate at various levels of efficiency. For kids, old people or someone don’t use computer very much, a paper-based test may sound more practical.

Put the online test on paper

Paper-based test is the tracditional form of assessment and it is still very popular today. As a teacher, you may have to spend a lot of time designing amd making a test. One tip for reducing the time is to simplify the formating process. Take the above Flash test as example. We can just fill the preset forms publish the test as a formated Microsoft Word file. The following image shows you the result.

english grammar quiz Teacher Test Maker – Combine Online Assessment with Offline Assessment

To generate a paper test like this, you just need to select the Microsoft Word file as the publishing option in the publishing window of the teacher test maker–QuizCreator.(Check the following image.)

publish to word Teacher Test Maker – Combine Online Assessment with Offline Assessment

Combine online assessment with offline assessment

As we have mentioned at the beginning, paper-based and computer-based test both have its own advantage and disavantage. The paper-based test requires a lot of time to do the grading while the computer-based test requires there should be a computer around. However, using a teacher test maker, we can combine these two types of assessment together to achieve a better education effect.

First, issue the paper-based test to your students and let them finish it. Then, put the test online to maximize the education utility of the test. Set the feedback for each question so that your students can learn why they are right or wrong through the feedbacks themselves. In the long run, the Flash quiz test can be a fantastic tool for you students to do a review.

When combining online assessment with offline assessment, we can maxmize the utility of the available resouces. Students can get more knowledge they want, teachers can enjoy more spare time. Teaching can become much more easier. Therefore, take action right now, make your teaching full of flexibility.

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  1. rosecute says:

    Online assessment is not popular using online assessment include exams

  2. Quiz creator is create only Objective and Click base Quizzel but I want make a real Computer base exam and it suport system MS-word.

  3. admin says:

    Well, in fact, in QuizCreator, you can publish your quiz as MS-word file for printing.

  4. Bension says:

    It does publish quiz as MS-word file, if it can save different copies for students and teachers, that would be better. For teachers: show the answers; for students, not show the answer.

  5. admin says:

    Good suggestion. And we may improve this in the further development.

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