Wondershare Announced QuizCreator Online and QuizCreator Pro

Wondershare announced QuizCreator Online and QuizCreator Pro on December 22nd, which was the result of the integration of QuizCreator series. This time, Wondershare aimed at offering users more collaborative ways to create and manage quizzes or surveys for business training and education.

Wondershare QuizCreator Online contains two parts, the easy-to-use QuizCreator Free and the advanced online quiz management system (originally known as QMS). It enables users to create professional quizzes or surveys on QuizCreator Free with 18 question types and inserting exquisite pictures, amazing videos and audios for totally free. During the process, users are allowed to select a beautiful player template from the built-in templates or download template online. To make quizzes more challenging, users can randomize questions, set time limits, or branch quiz takers to different questions based on their responses. To manage quizzes more efficiently, the administrator can set different accounts to manage the quizzes. QuizCreator Online is capable of tracking quiz results and generate insightful reports for users to improve the assessment.

Wondershare QuizCreator Pro is a one-stop solution to quiz creating, quiz result tracking and reports generating on users own server. It was specially designed for those who need a system to generate and manage quizzes or surveys, either for education or business training on standalone server. It is more or less like QuizCreator Online. Users create professional quizzes/surveys on QuizCreator Free with full features, and then publish the created quizzes/surveys to users own standalone server.

Besides, Wondershare upgraded QuizCreator, allowing users to attach MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. videos to questions. The email tracking add new feature of importing quiz results and consolidating quiz data within Email.

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