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Teacher Test Maker – Combine Online Assessment with Offline Assessment

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Online assessment and offline assessment are the main forms of assessment right now. Each type of the two assessments has its own advantages and disavantages. However, we can combine these two types of assessment together by using teacher test maker software. Let’s start the journey by understanding these two assessments.

Online assessment

Online assessment is fairly popular. A lot of people learn and take tests online. This is a symbol of the Information Age.

online%20assessment Teacher Test Maker – Combine Online Assessment with Offline Assessment

Real example of using online assessment

Examples of using online assessment include state drivers’ license exams, military training exams, job application exams in the private sector, entrance exams in postsecondary eduction, and certification exams by professional groups.

Benefits of online assessment

There are many potential benefits and advantages associated with computer-based tests including immediate scoring and reporting and greater test security. Additional advantages include flexible test administration schedules, reduced costs compared to handling paper-based test materials, the use of multimedia item types, and the ability to measure response time.

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QMS: Track Quiz Results Free Online

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Teachers need to manage the examination results after the students take the tests. In the old times, teachers would write down all the results on a table, and rank the orders manually. This would make the whole thing an unbearably heavy task when the number of the test-takers is huge. When Excel appears, the management of test results suddenly became much easier. All the teachers need to do is filingl in the students’ name and test scores, and write a formula, the grades would come out automatically. This is a living example of how technique changes our life.

Now we have this thing called eLearning. With eLearning technique, students will take tests online. Now how should the teachers manage test results online? There’re so many ways to do so and here I will talk about how to do it free. (more…)

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