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Make Effective Math Test and Keep Students’ Nightmare away

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Math test is a very important part of the math learning process. However, it is students’ worst nightmare. As a teacher, making an effective math test will be a good way to keep students far away from nightmare in learning math and help students make progress. This article will show you some tips to make effective tests.

Identify the goal of math testing

Generally, math testing is intended to measure students’ math related knowledge, skills or aptitudes. With math testing, teachers can find the weakness from students, evaluate the effect of math learning and teaching, and finally improve students’ learning experience. (more…)

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Question from an eLearning expert: Can we generate stand-alone Flash quiz and integrate it into our existing eLearning program?

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Our customer service department always receives a lot of feedback and questions from our customer every day. I was just viewing our sales inquires today (something I like to do, see what questions and issues pre-sales are being asked) and noticed a question from an eLearning expert that is straightforward for the new feature of our latest QuizCreator 3.0.

“We have an in-house developed Flash eLearning program. We want to buy your QuizCreator and make tests and quizzes. Then we want to integrate these quizzes into our existing application. Can we get a stand-alone Flash quiz output? Please help us to buy.”

The answer is absolutely. Considering maximizing the benefits of Flash in training and teaching and giving more convenience for our customers at utmost, we released QuizCreator 3.0 with which users can make stand-alone Flash quizzes with ease. The output Flash quizzes can be easily integrated into multiple applications and platforms, such as PowerPoint and other eLearning programs; also, you can integrate the quiz into LMSs.

So yes, you can use QuizCreator to create single Flash quiz for your training and teaching. You can even track the quiz results for free with free online quiz results tracking system (QMS).

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SCORM Quiz Software for LMS

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Making SCORM compliant quizzes has many benefits for online assessment. Accessibility, interoperability, durability and reusability are excellent aspects of benefits. SOCRM quiz software can help trainers and educators generate SCORM compliant quiz package that allowing the quiz to integrate with popular Leaning Management Systems with ease. So, you don’t require complex skills to create SCORM compliant quiz for your LMSs.

There are lots of quiz software applications that allowing educators and trainers to create quizzes, but only a few tools can help users make SCORM compliant quizzes. Here are some outstanding SOCRM quiz software applications. You can choose the right SCORM quiz tool for you to create SCORM compliant quizzes.


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Introduction to 3 Popular Math Test Makers

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Math is usually considered as a profound and dull subject and it arouses many complaints from students, so teachers always need to wrack their brains to make teaching job more inspiring. When it comes to online teaching, the online math test comes as an effective assistant for math teachers. It helps them ensure the concentration of their students in test. Then how could teachers make a math test effectively? Of course, the tool, I mean, math quiz creator is quite critical. Here I will introduce 3 popular math test makers.

1. Wondershare QuizCreator – Flash math test maker

Wondershare QuizCreator is one of the few Flash quiz making software which enable users to make math test. It has an equation editor which allows you to edit all the mathematical symbols. Now I will show you the steps to make a math test with this math quiz creator.

First, launch your Wondershare QuizCreator and choose to create a new quiz. Pick one question type you want from the nine question types it provides. I will take “multiple choice” for example.

In the question panel, you could add math symbols both in questions and answers. Click the “Equation” button and a math symbol panel would pop out. You can choose any symbol you want and edit the math formula.

make a math test Introduction to 3 Popular Math Test Makers

After making the quizzes, you could publish them as Flash, SCORM, exe, word, excel, etc. Also you can publish them to QuizCreator Online which helps teachers track, analyze, and report the test results.

2. Math Test Creator from Software Reflections – specialized math quiz maker

Math Test Creator is the math quiz creator which allows teachers and parents to create many different types of math tests. These tests are designed for students of grades 1st-7th. Teachers and parents can select a variety of options to generate the math test with the answer sheets quickly. All the math tests generated are automatically saved and can therefore be retaken by the students or children.

Math test Creator has a free evaluation version. With this version, you could make four question types. The insufficiency of making math tests with specialized math quiz creator is that you can only make math quiz. Unlike Wondershare QuizCreator, the pure math test maker could not make stunning Flash quiz with multimedia which may turn the test more interesting.

3. Math Test Worksheets – the printable math quiz creator online

There’re lots of math test worksheets you could download online to make a math test. They’re free, easy to use, and effective in creating printable quiz, but they cannot well support online test. The following are some math test worksheets Websites for teachers:

So above are the 3 popular math test makers for teachers to make mathematic quizzes. They enable teachers to create effective Flash math quiz, professional math test, or printable math quiz. Facing so many choices teachers can choose the proper one according to their own needs.

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4 Sequence Question Quiz Styles Quiz Makers Do

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Sequence question is a question type that requires the user to arrange a series of options in a certain order. You could make this sequence questions quiz with some Flash quiz makers. Each quiz maker has its unique styles of sequence question. Here are list the quiz makers that supports sequence question with its different styles, you could pick up the one you fits your needs.

Style 1 – Wondershare style sequence question
Wondershare QuizCreator ($129.95) allows users create florid sequence questions with ease. Here are some advantages:

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