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How to Make Free Online Quiz with QuizCreator

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

There are dozens of free and 100% online quiz and survey platforms out there.  The problem is that when you go for a quick fix like these, you usually end up compromising on quality.  In the long run this won’t help you.  With QuizCreator, you can easily make Flash-based quizzes and surveys in just 8 simple steps, that have the professional look and feel of a quality paid platform.  So follow along with these 8 steps using the free trial download below:

Step 1 – Download the QuizCreator free trial version here.

Step 2 – After download and installation, run QuizCreator

Step 3 - Start New Survey: Upon opening the program, a quick start window will appear.  At the top left, click “Create a New Quiz”.

Step 4 - Select a Question Type: On the top right corner of your untitled quiz template, click on the Question icon, and a list of question types will appear as in the photo below.  Here, I’ve chosen to create a Multiple Choice question:

quizcreator step1 300x224 How to Make Free Online Quiz with QuizCreator

Step 5 – Create a Question:  Once you’ve clicked on a question type and then clicked OK, a blank question template will appear with several options, as in the picture below:

quizcreator step5 300x204 How to Make Free Online Quiz with QuizCreator

Enter your question in the field provided and then below enter the answer choices.  Then, personalize your feedback response and assign points possible for each response.

Additional Options:  With the powerful editing features, you can easily insert text, images, equations, hyperlinks and edit fonts in the question in the text field. And you can insert some hidden note as the extra instruction for this question.

Step 6 - Adjust Quiz Properties:  Now that you’ve added all the questions you want, do you remember the question icon on the top left of your quiz template?  Next to it, click the Quiz Properties icon.

quizcreator step6 300x186 How to Make Free Online Quiz with QuizCreator

A settings window will appear and you can add a personalized instruction page, define the pass and fail rate, change fonts and personalize feedback for correct and incorrect answers. You can also randomize the questions and secure the quiz by adding a protected password or domain hosting limit.


Step 7 – Select a Quiz Template: Once you’ve personalized your properties, next to the Quiz Properties button, click the Player Template icon.  You’ll see a page of your quiz displayed along with many options to adjust the appearance.

quizcreator step71 300x246 How to Make Free Online Quiz with QuizCreator

Apply an appropriate theme including general, training, education, and more.  You can also change the color scheme, If you would like to customize your own quiz player, many setting options such as the background, toolbar, player size, label and layout are available for you to create a personalized player.

Step 8 – Publish Your Quiz to the Web:  When your quiz looks ok, it’s time to publish. Next to the preview button, click the Publish button.  For online publishing, you have three options: Publish Quiz on QMS, LMS, and Publish as a Flash quiz.  Of course, I recommend publishing directly to the QMS, so it’s online and accessible anywhere. Click the Publilsh Quiz on QMS button to add info, including email, and to set up your free 1-month QuizCreator Online account.

quizcreator step8 300x225 How to Make Free Online Quiz with QuizCreator

Well, that’s about it!  I hope this has been a helpful tutorial in showing you how easy and effective it can be to construct your own, professional quizzes and surveys quickly and easily.  Good luck!

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Be the Real Owner of Your Quizzes: Track Quiz Results More Safely, Stably, Flexibly

Monday, January 18th, 2010

HR directors, trainers, teachers, etc. use quizzes for assessment more and more frequently. It matters a lot whether the quiz results can be analyzed and reported reasonably on time. Administrators will know the quiz takers’ situations through quiz reports and take corresponding actions. Many tools are invented to help them track, analyze and report quiz results effortlessly. Some Online quiz tracking systems are powerful and easy to use, but many users have concerns about the data security and stability. Therefore, standalone quiz tracking and processing systems come to remove users’ worries. The standalone systems can be installed on user’s own server and allows HR directors, educators and trainers to track, analyze and report quiz results accurately and flexibly. Thus many questions can be solved easily.

Question 1: How can we protect the quiz data from being purloined?

Answer: Quiz data is safe on your own server.

The big companies, governments, research centers, etc. have much stricter requirements on data security. Once some materials get divulged, the loss may be out of imagination. If tracking and collecting important or private assessment results with online systems, the units or quiz owners will run more risks. On the contrary, data can be well protected on your own servers. It’s just as no one would count large amount of money on street instead of doing so at home.


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Branching Quiz + Psychological Test ≈ You, He, She or I

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Do you feel confused about the title? Ok, let me show you the explanation. Branching quiz is the quiz that can send quiz takers to different slides or questions based on their answers to previous questions. It is widely used in various surveys, especially psychological test and character study. The branching quiz brings a revolution to the relating survey and test field. Though the test cannot totally showcase real character or psychology status of you, him, her or me, we can take the results as reference. Have you been clear about the formula in the title?

Psychological tests are used frequently in our life. Let’s see:

Are you a Human resource director? It is necessary to know the interviewees and the employees’ psycho-status and make the proper recruitment and improvement.

Are you a psychologist or psychiatrist? Knowing more about your patients will make you communicate with patients more smoothly.


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Paper-based Quiz, Plain Text Quiz or Animated Flash Quiz, Which do You Like Best?

Monday, December 21st, 2009

As we all know, taking a quiz is a good and necessary method to test students’ performance and do other assessment work. Quizzes become more and more advanced and diverse with the development of computer technology. It has been an important means of learning and entertainment. There are three main types of quiz: paper based quiz, plain online quiz and Flash quiz. What are they exactly? Let’s see the sample for each.

Quiz based on paper:

paper based quiz Paper based Quiz, Plain Text Quiz or Animated Flash Quiz, Which do You Like Best?

Paper based quiz is the traditional form and used frequently, but it is too demanding to make one and you cannot share the quiz with others except print it or mail the paper.


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Set Time Limit for Your Online Quiz

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

With the popularity of Flash quiz, more features and functions are added to quiz maker. Time limit is one important property of quiz settings. It enables users to set time for the entire test and also for the individual question, so that the test gets a strict time limitation and a good guarantee of the fairness in the process of taking a quiz.

Users can set time limit for the whole test; thus all the participants must finish the quiz in due time. If it is out of time, quiz takers can’t answer the question any more. Compared with this function, the time limit for each question seems to make the quiz more efficient in time control. People are also able to set different time limit for each question. Users can adopt this function in several situations like the following ones.

1. Avoid cheating. Once the quiz publisher adds proper time limit to each question, the participants will get no extra time to cheat through searching internet or books for answers. Quiz participants would probably just get enough time to take the quiz by themselves, so the fairness can be comparatively well guaranteed.

cheating in testing Set Time Limit for Your Online Quiz

2. Make strict time-limit questions. Some tests require the strict time limit in parts of the questions such as the part called “Fast Reading” in language test. Thus it is necessary to set the time limit for each question in the quiz. Also because of the powerful time control, time limit can add more fun to quiz game. To save testing time, it is also necessary to set different time limit for the questions according to the level of difficulty.


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