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Branching Quiz + Psychological Test ≈ You, He, She or I

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Do you feel confused about the title? Ok, let me show you the explanation. Branching quiz is the quiz that can send quiz takers to different slides or questions based on their answers to previous questions. It is widely used in various surveys, especially psychological test and character study. The branching quiz brings a revolution to the relating survey and test field. Though the test cannot totally showcase real character or psychology status of you, him, her or me, we can take the results as reference. Have you been clear about the formula in the title?

Psychological tests are used frequently in our life. Let’s see:

Are you a Human resource director? It is necessary to know the interviewees and the employees’ psycho-status and make the proper recruitment and improvement.

Are you a psychologist or psychiatrist? Knowing more about your patients will make you communicate with patients more smoothly.


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Clever Ways to Use the Blank Page in Flash Quiz Maker

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Nowadays, e-learning gets more and more popular and becomes an important and efficient way for educating and training. Online testing is one important process of e-learning. Teachers, trainers, human resource directors, etc have shown their great interests on making quizzes with Flash quiz makersoftware like QuizCreator. Users can make quiz easily with this tool; nevertheless, some users may get confused about how to use the function called Blank Page. Thus, in the following text we will take QuizCreator as an example to suggest you some uses of “Blank Page”, the interesting and practical function.

Blank Page is specially designed to works as a complementary tool to the 9 question styles that makes your quiz more wonderful and efficient. We can use it in many aspects.

Let’s explore the use together:

1. Show an integrated quiz in different parts

If you are a teacher or HR, for oft, you may need to check the quiz takers’ knowledge in several aspects, such as the use of language, the ability of logic thinking, the knowledge of math, and many others. It is not suitable to mix all the different subjects together, because this mixture could disturb the participants’ thoughts. At this time, if you can separate the quiz into several parts using Blank Page, the whole test will show in clear and fresh outline.

quiz blank page 2 Clever Ways to Use the Blank Page in Flash Quiz Maker

In the Blank Page, you can mark out the name or subject of the particular group of questions. It offers a smooth transition for the test.


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