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How to Make Multiple Choice Quizzes

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Multiple Choice quiz requires users to select the single correct choice among a set of possible choices. It is an easy way to implement quick assessment on learning performance. When making a multiple choice quiz you need to prepare the questions and answer options. To make the quiz a formative learning experience, you also need to customize feedbacks on each answer to give more additional information for the question.

This tutorial explains how to make a multiple choice quiz and grade automatically with Flash Quiz Maker. Please Make sure that QuizCreator is installed on your computer.


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Making Multiple Choice Quizzes Efficiently with Quiz Makers

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Multiple choice is a form of assessment in which test-takers are supposed to select the “best” answer/answers among a set of options. It plays an important role in educational testing and could be the most widely used question type on examinations nowadays.

There are many advantages to multiple choice quiz. If item writers are well trained and items are quality assured, it can be a very effective assessment technique. As multiple choice quiz is a good assessment tool, there are many strategies for writing multiple-choice test items online to test makers; “How to take a multiple choice test successfully” is also a hot discussion all the time to test-takers. Here, I will discuss the utilization of quiz makers to assist educators to make multiple choice quiz efficiently. (more…)

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How to Create Interactive Multiple-choice Quiz in Adobe Flash CS4

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

QuizCreator supplies an easy way to create interactive Flash quiz for users, Adobe Flash also lets users make interactive Flash quizzes too. This tutorial will guide you how to create interactive drop-down multiple-choice quiz. It is just a sample of the workflow you’ll use while authoring in Adobe Flash CS4. You can view the Flash quiz created by Adobe Flash below.

Step 1 – Create a new document
a. Choose File > New.
b. In the New Document dialog box, selcet Flash File (ActionScript 2.0) and then Click OK.

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