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Ideas to Strengthen Patriotism Education at Schools

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Recently the international community is watching closely on the dispute between UK and Argentina over Falkland Islands. Both sides have their own standpoints. It is too complex to tell who is wrong or right, but one thing we can learn from the issue between UK and Argentina is that patriotism should be passed to the mass deeply. Pupils and students, certainly, come as the first group to accept the patriotism education. In this situation, teachers are the critical guides, and schools are the education platform. It is necessary to make the young know what is patriotism, whether through traditional ways like visiting, reading, etc. or the modern technological methods, such as watching videos, taking some Flash history quizzes, etc.

Teachers are suggested to cultivate students’ patriotism from things close to them, which will make the meaning of love for motherland more acceptable.


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Flexible In-service Training Methods to Reinforce Employees

Monday, February 8th, 2010

In-service training is one of the most popular ways to help employees develop their skills in a specific discipline or occupation. This training offers them good chances to make improvements and also companies benefit a lot from it. On the other hand, there are indeed some shortcomings of this on-the-job training. Most typically, in-service training is conducted during a break in the individuals’ work schedule, so it will take up employee’s time for rest and also it is not easy to appoint a fixed time with so many people. Therefore, employers or trainers need to take some flexible training measures.

CBT training offers more freedom.

Computer Based Training (CBT) is used more and more in the big as well as small corporations. It has worked with an astounding rate of success. Distant learning, online courseware sharing system, etc. are robust assistants for learning in service.

on the job learning Flexible In service Training Methods to Reinforce Employees


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Branching Quiz + Psychological Test ≈ You, He, She or I

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Do you feel confused about the title? Ok, let me show you the explanation. Branching quiz is the quiz that can send quiz takers to different slides or questions based on their answers to previous questions. It is widely used in various surveys, especially psychological test and character study. The branching quiz brings a revolution to the relating survey and test field. Though the test cannot totally showcase real character or psychology status of you, him, her or me, we can take the results as reference. Have you been clear about the formula in the title?

Psychological tests are used frequently in our life. Let’s see:

Are you a Human resource director? It is necessary to know the interviewees and the employees’ psycho-status and make the proper recruitment and improvement.

Are you a psychologist or psychiatrist? Knowing more about your patients will make you communicate with patients more smoothly.


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