Wondershare QuizCreator online

User Guide

Wondershare QuizCreator Online is a professional online quiz maker and quiz manager. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a fantastic quiz for business training or education on QuizCreator Online.

1 How to Create a Quiz

1. Download QuizCreator Free. To create a Quiz, you need to download and install the authoring tool, Wondershare QuizCreator Free. It offers you 3 ways and 18 question types to create a quiz.

2. Edit questions. Launch QuizCreator Free, click “Create a New Quiz” to enter the question editing interface. From here, double-click a question type you need on the left side of the interface, enter a question and answers in the appearing interface. After this, click “Ok” to save the question and exit. Or you can click “New Question” button to create another question in the same question type.

Add media files. You are able to make your question more professional and vivid by attaching media files, like a video, image or audio by clicking the media icon on the tool bar or beside the question box. You are allowed to record a narration and convert text to speech here.

Give interactive feedback to quiz takers. Interacting with quiz takers is very necessary. Here you can select feedback type from the feedback group in the tool bar and then type the feedback message in the feedback box.

  • None: No feedback to the quiz taker
  • By Question: The feedback is based on whether the question is answered correct or not.
  • By Answer: The feedback is based on the single choice of the answers. Quiz takers select different choices and get different feedback.

3. Set the quiz properties. More powerful and flexible settings are included in the Properties on the navigation bar for the whole quiz. Here you can give an introduction page to the quiz or make the quiz more challenging by randomizing questions, setting time limit & passing rate, etc.

4. Select the Player Template. Displaying the quiz in an appropriate and elegant way is very important. To save your time and energy, QuizCreator Online has prepared different types of player template for you to use under the Home Menu.

2 How to Publish a Quiz to QuizCreator Online

After you finish creating the quiz, you need to publish the quiz to QuizCreator Online. On the QuizCreator Free, click “Publish” on the navigation bar and the publishing dialogue box could pop up instantly. Fill in the form as what it tells you to do.


If you do not have a server for yourself, you can select Wondershare QuizCreator Online. We’ll take your privacy seriously.

If you need to put the quiz on your own server, please fill in the URL of your QuizCreator Pro Server. (QuizCreator Pro contains all the features of QuizCreator Online and allows you to put quizzes on your own server.)

You can upload the quiz or only questions to QuizCreator Online. In the future, you are capable of generating new online examinations by selecting quizzes or questions from the question pool.

For more detailed information, such as how to set up accounts in QuizCreator Online, how to manage quizzes, how to get statistics reports, etc., please go to the tutorials.