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Make flash-based quizzes with multimedia, fantastic player template and publish quizzes to web, LMS or distribute to CD, EXE, Word or Excel.
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QuizCreator Online

Make professional quizzes with multimedia, delicate player template and publish the quizzes online for intelligent tracking and management.
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QuizCreator pro

For some reasons, now we are reorganizing the product line. And we’ve decided not to sell QuizCreator Pro any more. There will be no upgrade and technology support. Sorry!

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" QuizCreator offers powerful features and impressive graphical user interfaces for you to create Flash-based quizzes. " -From Smith

" It's now working. I could send a bigger file with lots of audio !As a teacher I think you have a good product so I'm glad to help.If I had more money maybe I would invest in your company ! " -From BORIS CORFU