Wondershare QuizCreator

User Guide

1 How to Create A Quiz

Three ways to create a quiz:

1) Create Quiz in Word template. When you click "Create Quiz in Word", a Word template could pop up, asking you to select question types, input project name and set the destination path to save the quiz project. After all is done, hit "Create New" to save the template and fill in the project with questions and answers. Later click "Import from Word" to import the quiz project to QuizCreator.

2) Create Quiz in Excel template and then import the quiz project to QuizCreator. Launch QuizCreator and in the "Ceate a New Quiz" section, click "Create Quiz in Excel" and then fill in the form. Click "Create New" to save the template and reveal the project in Excel. Type in questions and answers and save the project in your hard drive. After then click "Import from Excel" to import the quiz project to QuizCreator.

3) Create a new quiz within QuizCreator. Click "Create a New Quiz" to enter the question editing interface. From here you can see the preset 9 question types, True/False, Multiple choices, Fill in the Blank, Matching, etc. Select any of them to make a quiz.

Here we take Multiple Choice question as an example to show you how to create a question for a quiz within the QuizCreator.

1. Click "Create a new Quiz" to enter the question editing windows and then double-click Multiple Choice on the left side of the pane

2. Enter the question in the question box and enter the choices in the choices field. You can enter two choices at least, and nine at most.

3. If you want to enhance the question with an image, background song or a video, click the icon in the Media Area or on the tool bar to insert the multimedia file. For audio, you can record a sound clip, convert the text to speech for your question or just upload an audio from local hard drive. The inserted picture or video will be displayed next to the question.

4. Sometime you might need to give interactive feedback to the quiz takers when they answer the question. To do this, select feedback type from menu on the tool bar:
None: No feedback to the quiz taker
By Question: The feedback is based on whether the question is answered correct or not
By Answer: The feedback is based on the single choice of the answers. Quiz takers select different choices and get different feedback.

At the bottom of the Question Feedback pane, type the feedback message for correct and incorrect answers.

5. After you finish editing the question, click “Ok” to save the question and exit. Or you can click the "New Question" button to create another new Multiple Choice question.

2 How to Set Quiz Properties

To make a professional quiz, you need to rationalize the quiz, like passing rate, points, quiz access control, etc. Just click the Quiz Properties on the navigation bar to reveal the editing windows. From here, you are capable of giving an introduction page, randomizing questions, setting passing rate, quiz font, protecting quiz with password or domain hosting limit, etc.

3 How to Select and Customize Player Template

Select player template. There are plenty of terrific player templates built in QuizCreator for business training, education or just for fun. You can select one that fits your quiz theme. Or you can personalize a special quiz player by setting background colors & audio, player size, layout, etc. There are many free templates for download online as well.

4 How to Publish A Quiz

Under the Home menu, click Publish to publish your quiz. Here you have several options:

  • Publish created quiz to Wondershare QuizCreator Online, which will tracks the results and generate insightful reports for you automatically.
  • Publish as a flash to the web. In this way, you will get quiz results via email.
  • Publish as a SCORM/AICC package for LMS, such as Moodle, BlackBoard, SharePoint or WebCT.
  • Publish as an auto-play EXE file for CD delivery .
    Publish as a Word/Excel quiz for printing.