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How to Get Started QuizCreator Online in QuizCreator

Open your registered QuizCreator, click Publish in the navigation tool bar to open Quiz Publishing window, please choose Publish on QuizCreator Online.

In the pop-up dialogue box, fill in the your quiz information and QuizCreator Online account. If you do not have a QuizCreator Online account, click "Create one for one-month free trial" to created one.

The moment you click "Create one for one-month free trial", a user registration page would be opened on your web browser. From here, type in your name, E-mail address, password, QuizCreator Online, verification code to finish the QuizCreator Online account registration. When you've registered successfully, the account-creating success notification page will pop up.

And then you will be direct to the login page of QuizCreator Online. Please type in your account name and password to log in.

Now you are in QuizCreator Online, you can freely make use of it just like your own Web site. Try Now > >

All data stored in QuizCreator Online will be completely confidential and secure in our remote server.