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How to manage quizzes

QuizCreator Online has powerful function for you to manage quizzes easily, the following content will guide you through the quiz management features:

1. Please click "Quizzes" on the navigation bar or "Manage your quiz" at the bottom of the homepage, and then click "Manage Quiz" button to open the quiz management page.

2. Then Quiz management page will appear, you can customize your management settings now.

Set access control

Open to All - means your quiz has no limitation for participants to access. Anyone can take it except the quiz is protected by password.
Only Open to Users in this Organization - means your quiz can be taken by the users in your organization. When participants take the quiz, they should provide with account information.
Open to Some is used to invite special participants by E-mail to take it.


Set valid date

This feature enables you to set the quiz taking period to standardize examination rules


Send notification to participants

This feature enables you to invite participants to take the quizzes and get the quiz results by E-mail.