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Account Types in QuizCreator Online

QuizCreator Online is a built-in online reporting service for QuizCreator and tracks results online based on different account types. There are three types of account with different functional authorities over quizzes, users and reports.

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QuizCreator Online Account Types


Administrator has the largest functional authorities to manage quizzes, organization information, publishers and participants, run report and issue certificates in QuizCreator Online within the corporate. Try it Now

Main authorities:

a) View and manage all quizzes.

b) Create and manage all users include all publishers and participants.

c) Generate clear and insightful statistics reports for all quizzes.

d) Design and issue certificates.

e) Setup and manage corporate information.

How to set up administrator account?

2. Publisher

In QuizCreator Online, publisher can manage and get reports for the quizzes that it created, it can manage all participants who took the quizzes as well.

Main authorities:

a) View and manage all quizzes created by publisher account.

b) Invite participants to take quizzes by E-mail.

c) Generate clear and insightful statistics reports.

d) Design and issue certificates for participants.
 How to create a publisher account?


Participant can just view the tested quiz, modify personal information and receive certificates.

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